Kaly & Chris

We are a young interracial couple looking to grow our family through adoption. We promise to give your child a loving and empowering environment filled with laughs, silliness, and nurturing.

A Bit About Us

My Favorite Pics of Us

A Typical Saturday Morning

Setting Up for Christmas

Our 2-Year Wedding Anniversary

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Our lifestyle, Family & Friends

As an adoptee herself, Kaly knows that family is so much more than blood.


We met in 2015 while attending university. Our dorms were literally a foot apart and we started dating after Chris heroically saved me from a stink bug infestation. Now we have graduated, gotten married, adopted pets, bought a home, and are so excited to grow our family through adoption.

Home is where the cookies are!

We bought our first home in this family-friendly neighborhood in 2021 and have made it into the perfect home for children. With a community pool and playground, your child will have plenty of playmates, as most of our neighbors are young families. The school system is ranked as one of the highest in the state.

About Kaly

• A California girl – she loves the ocean!
• Is of South Asian descent
• She was a tennis superstar from childhood through college!

• cooking and baking
• reading – she is a total bookworm – her goal is 52 books this year!

KALY BY CHRIS: Kaly’s biggest strength is the love and compassion she shows those around her. She is always the first to lend a helping hand. She holds a Masters degree in project management and puts it to work everyday as a UX Researcher. She is close with her incredibly large family and I know for a fact she will make an amazing mom.

About Chris

• Originally from Maryland
• Has two look-alike brothers – scary!!
• Has warmed up to spicy Indian food!

• video games
• traveling
• playing with our adorable pets!

CHRIS BY KALY: Chris is the most loving and caring man I know! He is a perfect dad to our three fur babies and the best husband I could ask for. He studied math and computer science and currently works as a Machine Learning Scientist at a local start up. He loves his job but nowhere close to how much he loves his family.

Chris and his brothers are essentially copies of each other! Their bond is unbreakable and their brotherly love is inspiring.

Kaly’s diverse and supportive friend group can’t wait to become “Aunties”!

We believe family comes first. Adopted as an infant from India, Kaly is destined to be an adoptive mom! She is close with her parents and younger brother, Keshav, as well as her first cousins and 120 second cousins (not exaggerating!). Chris is close with his parents as well as his two brothers, Andrew and Erich.

We love ALL the holidays!

Braving the rapids!

We are always trying new things – we love being active (like mini-golf or white-water rafting), finding cool places to eat, and exploring trails to walk our dogs. We also love to travel and will never stop searching for new experiences!

We have a travel bucket list and cant wait to see the world with our child! This is us splashing around in Mexico!

We love exploring through travel!

Disney is Truly Our Favorite Place on Earth!

We cant wait to share our Disney obsession with our child.

Your child’s life will be full of love, laughter, and one too many trips to Disney.

As parents…

As parents, we promise to love your child unconditionally and devote our entire hearts to raising them. We promise to be patient, understanding, as well as help your child develop their own cultural identity.

Thank you,

Kaly & Chris

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